Who do YOU think we sound like?

This has become a compelling Qwestion. One that we have been trying to answer ourselves, but who better to answer this Qwestion than you the listeners?

Because we have received so many different answers to this Qwestion, we decided to start a list compiled by YOU of the bands that YOU think we sound like.

What band or artist do YOU think we sound like?

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If you already see the band you think we sound like, you can still add it. The number of times a band has been submitted will be shown in ( ).

Dream Theater (7)

Tool (4)

Rush (2)

Watchtower (2)

Chevelle (2)

Gordian Knot

Pink Floyd

Spastic Ink

Dir en grey 




Metallica (2)

Frank Zappa

Spiral Architect


Actual Time


Death & Taxe$

Planet X

prog.rock bands

You are unique dudes! 

Liquid Tension Experiment

King Crimson

Arabesque (3)

Yngwie Malmsteen

In Flames


Spinal Tap

Iron Maiden

Symphony X

Good Charlotte (7)


Kottonmouth Kings (2)

three days grace

linkin park (2)