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Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
Zwarp Hard Rock Steel Madness / Metal Terus
Prog Lands.com Prognaut.com
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - Internet Zine Progressive Pages (German)
The Pit Aural Innovations
Heavy Metal Universe Prognosis
Music Extreme.com Metal Kingdom (Spanish)
Progressive Edge MillerRecords Reviews (Italian)
Pilgrim World Babyblaue Progressive Rock Reviews
Progressive Ears Les Acteurs de l'Ombre (French)
Darker Than The Bat Crossover (German)
Smother.Net ProgPower Online
El Retorno del Gigante Radio Show (Spanish Audio)  
Metal Net Radio  
Shapeless Zine (Italian)  
Nocturnal Horde (Danish)  
Sea of Tranquility
Metal Music Magazine (Russian)
RockNet Webzine
MOTF Switchboard Online
Metal Rage  
Harvest Moon  
Third Bass  
Froster Ukranian Metal Webzine  
Raw Nerve  
Arlequins (Italian)  
Strutter Zine  
In Dark Purity  
Koid 9 Magazine (French)  
EER Music  
Interviews and Other Mentions
Interview w/Shapeless Zine (Italian) (English)
Interview w/UnholyScriptures
Interview w/Rock Net Webzine
Interview w/Arlequins (Italian) (English)
Nomination for best bassist of the year
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